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Cristina Ionescu

Project Marketing Manager Romania & Bulgaria, Western Union Payment Services Ireland Ltd

Motto personal: If something is not right now it means that this is not the end as in the end everything is going to be ok.

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Despre Cristina Ionescu
Pozitia curenta:
Project Marketing Manager Romania & Bulgaria
Zonele tarii unde fac afaceri:
Data nasterii:
5 noiembrie 1979 (40 ani si 5 luni)
Locul nasterii:
Stare civila / familie:
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8 ani si 10 luni
Activitate profesionala Cristina Ionescu
Project Marketing Manager Romania & Bulgaria, Western Union Payment Services Ireland Ltd
august 2011 (8 ani si 7 luni)
At a first glance we deal with money, but Western Union does so much more than simply transfer money. Every day we help people connect with loved ones around the world by offering a fast, reliable and convenient means of transferring money.
The Western Union Company provides consumers fast, reliable and convenient ways to send and receive money around the world, as well as send payments and purchase money orders. We operate through a network of approximately 470,000 Agent locations in 200 countries and territories. And we're getting better and better every day.
I this position I am managing the marketing activities for the sub region Romania and Bulgaria, this including:
• preparing the market plan and aligning the marketing 4Ps to the global and regional imperatives and participating to the local and regional strategic planning process;
• developing and building the relations with all our agents from all class of trade (banks, retail chains, sub-agents, etc.) this involves organizing events for them, planning sessions for developing the strategy and workshops on each campaign in order to achieve the targets;
• actively participating in new product development and launches for the ROBU sub region;
• managing the relations with the creative, PR, media, merchandising & research agencies;
• concluding researches, analyzing the results together with the Business Intelligence department, transforming consumer insights into consumer benefits and proposing action plans for the ROBU sub region;
• coordinating and implementing the local, regional & global campaigns;
• using my creativity and innovation skills in all the stages of the marketing activities in order to keep a fresh image of the brand and always come up with something new for our consumers.
I do all these in a fantastic environment, a multicultural one, where I am exposed on a daily basis to an international team, which values leadership and empowers its employees to obtain the best results.
Head of Advertising Department, Alpha Bank Romania
martie 2005 - mai 2011 (6 ani si 2 luni)
ALPHA BANK ROMANIA was founded in 1993 by Alpha Bank Group together with the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and a limited number of Greek entrepre-neurs and started its activity in 1994 as Banca Bucuresti. In early 2000 was renamed to Alpha Bank Romania to underline its links with the parent Group. Now, with a staff currently exceeding 2500 employees, the Bank offers a wide spectrum of products and services for individuals and corporations through a network of branches located in Bucharest and in other major cities.
In this position I was in charge with:
• coordinating the Advertising Department activity; after more than 6 years our brand K.P.I.s grew with more than 500% since we start communicating to the Retail market this leading to a considerably increase of brand awareness;
• managing a team of 3 people and coordinating also the Merchandising & Research Desks depending on the projects;
• was responsible for the communication strategy - developing communication platforms based on qualitative and quantitative researches; the last communication platform: “The Cricket & the Ant” was so fine tuned and efficient that managed to switch the consumers perception by 180 degrees from a “loan bank” to a “saving bank” in less than one year and in the following period increased the sales on savings category to the highest level registered in Alpha Bank Romania’s activity;
• coordinating all the advertising campaigns (briefing the agency, choosing the best concept in order to reach better the target, supervising the production process, preparing the media plan, negotiating contracts and monitoring the effects of the campaign);
• maintaining the relation with the advertising and media agencies and negotiating the fees and contracts;
• managing the brand image, following and improving the Brand Manual;
• keeping a very close relationship with Alpha Bank Greece International Division, a relationship based on informing them on our activities, preparing several types of reports and most important acting as a liaison between the two teams and sustaining the Romanian’s interests and projects in front of the Greek team and obtaining their support;
• preparing together with the rest of the team the new Retail Concept of Alpha Bank;
• proposing and developing new products and promotions;
• preparing all the promotional materials of the bank;
• developing loyalty programs for existing and potential customers;
• involved in the Research and CSR activity of the bank;
• maintaining coherence in the communication.
Marketing Coordinator, Finansbank Romania (Credit Europe Bank now)
aprilie 2003 - martie 2005 (un an si 11 luni)
The banking group was first known as Finansbank (Holland) N.V. and rebranded into Credit Europe Bank N.V. in 2007, after Finansbank AS (the Turkish branch of Finansbank and the 5th biggest bank of Turkey) was sold to the National Bank of Greece. The brand 'Finansbank' was also included in the deal, leading to all branches (except the Turkish one) were renamed into Credit Europe Bank. Founded in 1994 in Amsterdam, Credit Europe Bank N.V. has grown to-wards a top 10 position in the Netherlands with a total balance of Euro 10 billion as per end of 2010. The bank is under full supervision of the Dutch Central Bank and is offering easy-to-use retail banking and SME products as well as private banking through more than 200 branches and more than 11,000 sales points across nine European countries. It also offers trade finance and corporate banking services through its network in these countries, as well as in China and the United Arab Emirates. At the end of 2010, Credit Europe Bank N.V. employed over 6,000 professionals working in the euro-zone countries Belgium, Germany, Malta and the Netherlands as well as in China, Dubai, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine, serving more than 3 million customers worldwide.

Working under the direct coordination of the Corporate Marketing Vice-President I was in charge with coordinating the marketing activities of the bank by keeping a very close relationship with all the Branch Managers, collecting reports from them and making approaches for drawing customers and developing the relation with the existing ones, supervising and continuously monitoring the branches both from Bucharest and from the rest of the country, collecting Call Memos, weekly and monthly reports from the branches and preparing reports for the Bank’s Management; periodically preparing internal/external reports typical for the department’s activity, doing research on the competition and proposing the Marketing Strategy to the bank’s man-agement. Working together with the Relationship managers from the branches I also had to identify new opportunities on the market, promoting, negotiating and structuring the banking products according to their needs.
Market Developer, Forever Living Products Ltd.

Founded in 1978, Forever Living is now a multi-billion dollar company, based in Scottsdale, Ari-zona, that manufactures and sells dozens of wellness and beauty products. With over nine and a half million distributors in over 145 countries, Forever Living offers the opportunity of living a healthier, wealthier life.
As a Market Developer I participated in several marketing research activities: gathering informa-tion based on questionnaires, designing and presentation booklet for new products; translating marketing and accounting reports from Romanian to English or from English to Romanian; the electronic correspondence with the head office from the USA; hosting and being involved in the organization of several major events like “Johnatan’s Day” and “The Annually Rally” from Sep-tember 2000; organizing presentations; other office related jobs
Studii Cristina Ionescu
master: Romanian-American University
octombrie 2002 - februarie 2004 (un an si 4 luni), Bucharest
Master in Marketing Degree, grade 10 (where 10 is maximum)
facultate: Romanian-American University
octombrie 1998 - septembrie 2002 (3 ani si 11 luni), Bucharest
License Diploma in `Domestic and International Commercial and Financial – Banking Relationships, grade 9.80 (where 10 is maximum)
Advertising, photography, personal development, swiming, theatre, painting.