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Erika Vaszi

Sef Serviciu Operatiuni, Ing Bank

Motto personal: "Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance." "People don't quit playing because they grow old. They grow old because they quit playing." "Winners are losers who got up and gave it one more try."

Erika Vaszi
face business in stil
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Erika Vaszi
Erika Vaszi: i`m what I am
I am my own special creation
So come take a look
Give me the hook
Or the ovation
It's my world
That I want to have a little pride
My world
And it's not a place I have to hide in
Life's not worth a dam
Till I can say
I am what i`am
Acum un an sau mai mult (Miercuri, 29 Septembrie 2010 19:32)
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